Submissions to The Iron Warrior


One of my articles was featured on the cover of Issue 3 of Winter 2013.

For the Winter school term of 2013, I wrote for The Iron Warrior, the official newspaper of the University of Waterloo Engineering Society. I have written for the newspaper in previous terms, but this was the first term that I regularly submitted articles.

Writing for the newspaper has provided me an opportunity to publish written work with a submission deadline. Having a deadline was something I valued a lot during that term. It’s one thing to write without a deadline, but with Parkinson’s law applied to an open deadline, it’s possible to not have anything completed.

I have listed the articles I’ve submitted to the newspaper below. They are separated into three groups: my column, “The Graduating Warrior”, the articles I’ve submitted during the Winter 2013 term, and the articles I’ve written prior to 2013.

Column: The Graduating Warrior

Plummer's Pledge

A modified coat of arms of the University of Waterloo, used by the Plummer’s Pledge.

The Graduating Warrior was a column that talked about topics relevant to graduating fourth-year students, from fourth-year activities (both academic and non-academic) to life after convocation, colloquially called “The Real World”.

I first came up with this idea in the Fall term of 2011, and before the start of 2013, it was just an idea, accompanied with random notes on topics that I would like to cover in this column. I didn’t find it difficult to write about things that would happen during the undergraduate career; however, I haven’t formally experienced post-undergraduate life, only observed it. When it came to writing about that, I inferred from what I knew about my friends who have already graduated.

Although this column was geared towards fourth years, I wrote it in such a way that non-fourth year students can read it and still get a sense of the topics I’ve covered in the column.

Here are the links to the articles:

Articles: Winter 2013 Term

Here are the links to the articles I’ve written for the Winter 2013 term. Most of these articles were about current events happening that term.

Other articles

As mentioned before, I have written for the newspaper prior to this year, but as you can see from the size of this list, I wasn’t a regular contributor. Prior to Winter 2013, I was a staff member and a copy editor for the newspaper. For reference, PCP stands for “Point/Counterpoint”, a regular feature in the newspaper.


I wouldn’t mind writing for the newspaper again; however, I no longer attend the University of Waterloo. Although that shouldn’t stop me from writing and contributing, I’m reluctant to do so as I prefer undergraduates contributing to the newspaper so that they can have an opportunity to volunteer. Instead, I’ll be writing for this blog!