Back on a blog. Again.

Discipline for writing is something that I’ve been working on this year. I completed another creative writing course (with the first and previous time being in 2010, but this class was more advanced). I also created a column in The Iron Warrior, the newspaper of the University of Waterloo Engineering Society. According to the Editor-in-Chief of the paper that term, I was in third place for most number of words written that school term.

What about my blog? Seems like I forgot about it for a bit.

I got an email from Posterous saying they’re closing up, which reminded me that my blog existed at one point. I downloaded all my old posts, but I’m reluctant to repost them onto this blog. I suppose I’m a bit embarrassed about the stuff I wrote in my last blog, especially since the last blog post I wrote was titled, “The Habit of Writing”, dated December 30, 2011. The blog can still be found on, here.

Screenshot of my old Posterous blog

A screenshot of my old Posterous blog.

Here I am again, restarting a blog declaration. This time, on WordPress.